Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Sometimes to be silent is better than to be speak out loud..
Sometimes u need to express your feeling so that people can read about you..
To be heard alone than to be judge by people..

I always had three worth person in the world to hear my feeling and make me healing
But for more or less I don’t really have much to left

People do have weakness but how they see it will bring them up our lower than the ground
Sometimes they run away because the cant even face it.. 

People do cry because cry is like appreciating your feeling… reading your emotion
People do laugh and to be laugh but only to appreciate the moment of loss and emptiness
I had less close friend than my life because fail to read people’s feeling and emotion and let people judging me and see me differently

this is what our face everyday

Well, u can’t read people’s mind.. Do you?

Two of my very noble heart had said to me that
" be yourself. It’s who you are and people who only know how to appreciate others will appreciate you for who you are.. "
And I keep that as strength to stay awake